The SMSF Association is proud to announce that SMSF Week, proudly supported by OpenInvest takes place from Monday 19 November – Friday 23 November 2018.

SMSF Week is aimed at raising awareness amongst the wider Australian community of SMSFs and to explore some of the common questions and myths that surround them. The week includes a series of activities designed to educate and improve the financial knowledge of trustees by connecting you to information, resources and SMSF professionals.

Activities include:

Industry insights from a panel of SMSF experts

“The 5-year evolution: what’s the next frontier for SMSFs?”

A panel of SMSF thought leaders gave insight into some of the influences that could see the SMSF sector evolve, grow or be disrupted in the next 5 years. This complimentary, national event was live-streamed on Tuesday 19 November.

Watch Video Here: CLICK HERE

Panelists included:

  • Michael Blomfield, CEO, Investment Trends

  • Andrew Varlamos, Co-founder/CEO, OpenInvest

  • James O’Halloran, Deputy Commissioner, Superannuation, Australian Taxation Office

  • Kate Metz, Acting Senior Executive Leader, ASIC

  • John Maroney, CEO, SMSF Association

  • Graeme Colley, Executive Manager, SMSF Technical & Private Wealth, SuperConcepts

NEW RESEARCH: SMSF Investor Insights – Discussing key myths surrounding SMSFs

We have released new national research in partnership with Investment Trends.

This research explores 5 key myths about SMSFs based on the views of SMSF investors, Australia-wide.

Download PDF Here: CLICK HERE

Plot your journey on our SMSF roadmap

Whether you are thinking of starting an SMSF, accumulating wealth for retirement or are about to (or have already) retired, this roadmap outlines some of the key considerations for each stage of the journey.

Note: Each of the following roadmaps are available for you to download for free, and share with your clients.

Stage 1: Thinking of starting an SMSF?

Stage 2: Accumulating wealth for retirement

Stage 3: About to – or have already – retired

Download PDF Here: CLICK HERE


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