It is not necessary to rort the tax system, or to do illegal things to achieve the best results for your family. In fact quite to the contrary, it is about working within the laws to ensure the best results are achieved for your loved ones if you unexpectedly lose your faculties, die, or even if you are sued. Doing things right now means that your family can get on with their lives being rest assured that your estate has been built to provide both asset protection and tax results. 

What you invest now provides peace of mind and protects your legacy

What do you mean you haven’t planned how to legally minimize the tax within your SMSF upon your death to best protect your loved ones.  Do you want to continue to pay tax quite unnecessarily even after you die? Paying tax from your SMSF death benefits isn’t a mandatory result of owning a SMSF. If you have a look at the accounts for your SMSF at the end of each year you are likely to have taxable and non-taxable account balances in your name. The non-taxable ones are the good ones because they can be effectively passed through to your loved ones without any further tax being payable.


The taxable ones are the real worry because your loved ones could end up paying between 16.5% and 31% tax on your death. OUCH! There are ways to legally minimize this tax or even to effectively wipe it out altogether and maybe even create massive tax losses within the SMSF for the future benefit of the SMSF members. Want to learn more? Contact us below!

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